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Looking for qualified candidates can be a time-consuming and challenging process. That’s why we are offering you a powerful and easy-to-use job search engine that can help you find top talent quickly and efficiently.

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Writers passionate about health and longevity, and the science behind it

Fast Life Hacks

About Fast Life Hacks:

Our mission is to create valuable content that improves people’s lives.

To date, most of that content has been around the subject of health and longevity.

Condensing existing research into easy to understand chunks, and exposing more people to it.

What we don’t do:
1. Churn out lots of low quality, poorly researched content
2. Encourage users to buy poor quality products simply because it is profitable
3. Spam the site with ads or sponsored posts

Looking for:
A mission aligned writer who is already interested in the subject of health and longevity. Who doesn’t mind getting stuck in to research to support their writing.

Ideally with:
– Some background knowledge or experience in science/health related topics
– Comfortable using PubMed and/or Google Scholar to find articles. Locating full papers if they’re not open access, and then citing the references used.
– Ability to absorb and understand information… and then simplify it for readers.
– Use of bullet points, headers and short paragraphs when writing.

What we offer:
– Competitive rates of pay
– Fully remote
– Ongoing work
– Collaborative environment

Please apply via this form:


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