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UnderPinned: Full-stack Developer

  • London
  • Unspecified


Salary 45,000 – 75,000 GBP per year


– Frontend: VueJS
Backend: Strong Python and Django Rest Framework
Devops: Docker, google cloud platform
Other significant 3rd party integrations:
Experience using Stripe
Mailchimp, other CMS or experience setting up SMTP

Skills, software, and tasks:

Experience working in Agile and Jira
Good understanding of how to create and run E2E and Unit Tests
A strong understanding of the principles of UX & UI


– Responsibilities:

Design and Implementation of APIs: Create and maintain robust and secure APIs for front-end consumption.
Database Management: Design, create, and maintain databases. This includes tasks like data modeling, migration, and optimization.
Server Management: Ensure that the server behaves correctly, efficiently handles requests, and is scalable.
Integration: Integrate different services and data sources, which might include third-party services or APIs.
Performance Tuning: Monitor and improve server response times. This often involves optimizing database queries, caching strategies, and server configuration.
Security: Implement security measures to protect sensitive data and ensure that the web application is resistant to common vulnerabilities like SQL injection, CSRF, and XSS.
Version Control/Git: Use tools like Git to track changes in the codebase, collaborate with other developers, and deploy code to production servers.
Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Automate the testing and deployment processes to ensure that code changes are automatically tested and deployed to production servers.
Collaboration: Work closely with the developement, designers, our product team, and other team members to ensure the web application functions seamlessly.
Testing: Write unit and integration tests to ensure the functionality and reliability of the server-side logic.


– Vue
– Python
– Django
– Docker
– Cloud

UnderPinned is building the future of freelancing, helping people and students across the UK turn their passion into business through innovation in software, education, and support. At the heart of UnderPinned is an open and inclusive mentality, with cutting edge technology being deployed to help freelancers build businesses they can be proud of.

UnderPinned provides a SaaS product and educational tools to help them build their business and manage their workflows from pitching to payment.

The Role:
UnderPinned is looking for full time developers to join the team four days a week to help improve our product offering.

The right candidate will be looking to upskill themselves fast while gaining real hands on experience building a web application product. While the foundations and infrastructure already exist, this person will be instrumental in building novel features as well as refining existing ones. Must be based within 3 hours of GMT.

Pay and benefits:
£45,000 to £70,000 PA
The ability to work remotely (UK based)
Four day work week

The Team:
UnderPinned is an energetic, fast moving, and sociable team. Always friendly and with open communication at the heart of their success. You’ll be part of a tight knit and diverse team that gives you opportunities to accelerate your career as the company grows.

You will report directly to the Senior Dev Ciprian Herman for your day to day work.

Skills, software, and tasks:

Experience working in Agile and Jira
Good understanding of how to create and run E2E and Unit Tests
A strong understanding of the principles of UX & UI

Please send a CV and examples of your previous work to


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