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Rolls Royce: FPGA Verification and Validation (V&V) Engineer -Submarines

  • Derby
  • Unspecified

Rolls Royce


Field-programmablegate array ( FPGA ) Verification and Validation (V&V)Engineers ,




Our submarines business isresponsible for the design, manufacture, supply and through-lifesupport of nuclear propulsion-related products and systems insupport of the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet. You can find out moreabout the amazing projects that we are working on here:-

Joinus and we’ll provide an environment where you can be yourself. Aninclusive, digital-first culture that invests in you, gives you aplatform for continuous learning, and access to an incrediblebreadth and depth of opportunities to grow yourcareer.

To sustainour capability and products for the next 50 years, we are engagedin an active programme of research and development into controlsystem technologies of the future. We are also leading thedevelopment of industrial process control systems for a range ofin-house advanced manufacturing techniques and chemical processesused to build our reactor cores andcomponents.

A role withinSubmarines will offer you the opportunity to work across all phasesof the product life cycle, solving technical challenges across awide range of digital, software, programmable hardware andelectronics technologies, systems, and applications. You will beable to build the career you desire as an engineer, technicalspecialist, or technical leader. We want you to maximise yourpotential and will support your technical development throughcoaching, experience, and training. This will include professionalmentoring to start your journey towards becoming a charteredengineer or to continue your professionaldevelopment.

You will beencouraged to bring in fresh ideas and generate creative ways ofworking to make a stepped improvement in our effectiveness,allowing you to make an impact in delivering programmes that arestrategically important to thenation.

You will work withinour safety critical firmware V&V team. The team usesagile SCRUM methods to verify high integrity firmware applicationsadopting the latest state-of-the-art toolsets. Training willbe provided where required to equip you with the skills necessaryto develop test designs, HDL test benches and test cases to verifycontrols firmware applications essential for the protection andmonitoring of nuclear propulsionplant.

In addition, you willbe engaged in the development of bespoke software toolsets insupport of the verification activities. The applications you willbe involved in are leading-edge solutions addressing the challengesof meeting the highest safety integrity requirements. Within thefirmware V&V team there are opportunities to develop yourcareer in technical management, team leadership or as a technicalspecialist. The team offers the opportunity to become an expert inthe use of state-of-the-arttoolsets.

We offer excellentdevelopment, a competitive salary and exceptional benefits. Theseinclude bonus, employee support assistance and employeediscounts.

Your needs are asunique as you are. Hybrid working is a way in which ourpeople can balance their time between the office, home or anotherremote location. It’s a locally managed and flexed informaldiscretionary arrangement. As a minimum we’re all expected toattend the workplace for collaboration and other specific reasons,on average three days perweek.

Whatyou will be doing:

In this role, youwill work within our safety critical software development teamacross all design phases of the software lifecycle. You’ll beresponsible for:

  • You will follow aDevOps-based firmware V&V lifecycle to verify programmablehardware solutions by:
    • Developing testdesigns,
    • Writing test benches in VHDL andVerilog HDL code using SigasiStudio,
    • Simulating HDL designs at unit,integration and system level using Mentor GraphicsQuestaSIM,
    • Undertaking synthesis, place androute and static timing analysis using Synopsis Synplify, targetingXilinx FPGAs,
    • Developing Python scripts forprocess automation,
    • Operating continuousintegration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)toolsets,
    • Managing change control andconfiguration management using GIT,
    • Tracingtests to requirements using Dassault SystemesReqtify,
  • You will beengaged in problem solving,
  • You will berequired to demonstrate process adherence and solutioncorrectness,
  • You will be expected to engage incontinued improvement of our firmware development process, for costand timescale reduction and qualityimprovement,
  • You will support process andtechnical audits,
  • You will liaise with theSoftware, Systems and Electronics teams,
  • Youwill manage suppliers, including scoping packages of work andreviewing theirdeliveries.

Whowe are looking for:

At Rolls-Royce weembrace agility, are bold, pursue collaboration and seek simplicityin everything we do. These principles form our values andbehaviours and are an essential component of our assessment processand are fundamental qualities that we seek for allroles.

  • Qualified to degree, or HNDlevel,
    • In Electronics Engineering, ComputerScience, or relateddiscipline,
  • Self-motivatedand enthusiastic to become familiar with new techniques andtools,
  • Experienced and talented programmablehardware engineer.
  • Experienced in verificationof digital electronics design,
  • Experienced inverification of programmable logic devicedesign,
  • Experienced in firmware design usinghardware description languages (e.g. VHDL, SystemVerilog)
  • Experienced in real-timesystems
  • Awareness of safety-criticaldevelopment constraints (e.g.IEC62566),


  • Customerfocus
  • Prioritysetting
  • Interpersonal and communicationskills
  • Conflictmanagement
  • Timely decisionmaking
  • Planning and organising own and others’work
  • Dealing withambiguity

We’re anequal opportunities employer. We’re committed to developing adiverse workforce and an inclusive working environment. We believethat people from different backgrounds and cultures give usdifferent perspectives. And the more perspectives we have, the moresuccessful we’ll be. By building a culture of respect andappreciation, we give everyone who works here the opportunity torealise their fullpotential.

You canlearn more about our global inclusion strategy at

Towork for the Rolls-Royce Submarines Business an individual has tohold a Security Check (SC) clearance without anycaveats to that clearance. Rolls-Royce will support the applicationfor Security Clearance if the individual does not currently alreadyhave this in place.

Due to thenature of work the Business conducts and the protection of certainassets a person has to be a UK national or in MoD approved cases aDual National from a non ITARcountry.

Closingdate: 1st September2023


Validation andVerification
18 Aug 2023; 00:08


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