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Need Experienced Writer for a SaaS Review Blog

Akshay Hallur

Do you consider yourself an SaaS enthusiast? Do you have experience writing reviews about SaaS products? If you answered yes to both, we want to hear from you!

If you answered yes to these questions, then read on.

My name is Akshay Hallur I run, a blog for bloggers, and also we publish SaaS product reviews.

We’re looking for an expert B2B Marketing SaaS Software Review writers who can help us expand our site.

We have a large backlog of content ideas that we’re ready to start producing. The majority of these are commercial articles so you will need to be proficient in product selection and in-depth research.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to write about the thing you love most – SaaS!

You’ll be covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • Online course platform reviews (mainly this)
  • Community platform reviews
  • Funnel app reviews
  • Webinar apps
  • Podcast apps

Some blog post formats would be:

  • Kajabi vs Podia
  • ClickFunnels alternatives
  • Systeme Review

We need an expert for this – no fakers, please!

Unless you have a passion for SaaS, I’m afraid this will not work for you. Please include “I’m in” in your application if you’ve read so far and believe you’re the perfect fit.

You must have high-quality research skills with a detail-oriented approach to be able to provide factually correct, unique, and helpful insights to our readers.



  • Must have at least 3+ years of writing experience.
  • Must have B2B SaaS writing samples.
  • Ability to incorporate copywriting in the content. For example, you need to be able to map the features of the product to benefits effectively.
  • Must be a Native/Bilingual English speaker.
  • Experienced SEO content writer.
  • Able to carry out in-depth and high-quality research using the tools.
  • Excellent writing style with no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Must have a genuine passion for the marketing SaaS niche.
  • Having a mindset of being open to feedback and aiming for continuous improvement.


  • Write high-quality articles on the weekly basis (atleast 5,000 words).
  • Writing process
    • Research and outlining – You’ll be provided a macro-level outline of the blog post (sometimes along with recorded videos for more clarity), based on that you need to research and prepare an outline for the article.
    • Writing – You need to start writing the article on Google Docs, in a folder you share with you.
    • First submission – You need to share with us the Google Docs link to the article.
    • Revisions – We’ll be offering suggestions upon reviewing the write-up.
    • Final draft – Based on the suggestions, you’ll be improving the article and finally submitting the revised article.


  • You get to write about SaaS!
  • 2 blog posts every week
  • Consistent workload every week: 10,000+ words
  • Flexible deadlines.
  • Stable work as part of a team that believes in continuous improvement. We believe in long-term iterative games with long-term people.
  • Regular feedback to help you improve your writing.
  • A fairly detailed blog post outline will be given.
  • You don’t need to publish blog posts.
  • Work from home/anywhere.

Our hiring process

  • We receive your application
  • Invite qualified candidates will do a test paid article (about 500-700 words)
  • Review the test article
  • We’ll be making a decision to hire you


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