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Freelance Writer for Electric Car Website (Must Drive a TESLA)

Harris Creative Ltd

Do you currently drive a TESLA (either leased or owned)?

Are you knowledgeable about Electric Vehicles and passionate about their future?

Are you skilled at writing helpful informational articles that answer the readers question?

If you answered YES to these questions, this might just be the perfect role for you!


We’re a media company that runs a number of blogs. We’re looking for an expert EV writer who can help us develop the content for a new website.

I’m specifically looking for skilled writers who can combine their knowledge and first-hand experience driving a TESLA, to produce top quality engaging content.

This would be in the form of answering questions, writing how to guides, or producing listicles.


– Carefully crafted articles – absolutely no AI content, external editors will check
– Passion for the topic and a desire delve deeply into it
– The ability to write in easy to understand sentences and simple language
– No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors (the use of Grammarly is looked on favorably)
– Diligent proof-reading and finessing of your content
– Strong communication and the ability to meet deadlines


If this sounds like a project you’d like to get involved in, I welcome your application!

In your application:

  • Please quote your RATE PER 100 WORDS.
  • Please also let me know your monthly writing capacity (how many thousand words per month)
  • Provide relevant samples of your work – links to automotive articles you’ve published on our websites

Many thanks

*If you don’t currently drive a Tesla, this job isn’t for you I’m afraid. *


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