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Freelance Barbecue Writer –

Smoked BBQ Source

Barbecue and grilling website Smoked BBQ Source is looking for a driven and talented freelance writer to join our editorial team and help us produce the best barbecue content on the web.

The ideal candidate has experience writing content for the web with a focus on food and cooking outdoors. Must be able to craft a compelling narrative, hook the reader, and provide expert advice with no fluff.

The position is work-from-home with flexible, stable hours, ideally between 30-40 per week.

About Smoked BBQ Source:

Smoked BBQ Source is the top destination for pitmasters of all levels who want to master the art of grilling and smoking meat. Our team of barbecue enthusiasts creates mouth-watering recipes and articles teaching everything you need to know about the world of low and slow cooking. From how to smoke a brisket to cold-smoking cheese.

Freelance Writer Responsibilities:

  • Research and write three to five articles (1000-3000 words) per week on topics assigned by the editorial team
  • Update existing articles to improve content quality
  • Repurpose video content into written articles and recipes
  • You must be able to follow our style guide and be open to editorial feedback
  • You should have a good understanding of SEO basics including search intent, headlines, and subheadlines, but you write for the reader first and Google second.
  • You should have some subject matter knowledge
  • You must be familiar with using Google Docs
  • You must be a native English writer

Benefits of writing for us

  • Competitive freelance hourly rates between $25-35/hr based on experience
  • Flexible with your schedule, workload, and deadlines.
  • Be a part of an experienced editorial team for a niche media company that receives millions of visitors a year.

What you’ll write about

You will be expected to write on topics related to barbecue, grilling, and outdoor entertaining.

  • You’ll be assigned topics and provided a detailed brief to follow so that you can focus on researching and writing the most interesting, informative articles possible.
  • Some topics can be quite niche or repetitive, so you’ll need to be comfortable and treat this as a challenge
  • US spelling and grammar are mandatory

We make sure that every post we publish goes through our strict editorial process to ensure everything is accurate and the tone feels right.

Note we only require our writers to write the content, no web formatting or design is required.

How to apply:

Please answer a few simple questions and link to at least 3 samples of similar content you have published in your application.


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