This Generator

Will translate requirements in the form of understandable user stories. Every user story generated can be picked up by any design or development team. And come with quality in mind, so your team knows how to test it.

What you need to start?

  • Requirement Documentation.
  • List of Epics.
  • Any Relevant mindmaps.

What you get?

  • Detailed Acceptance Criteria
  • Functional Requirements with Relevant Use Cases (for Testing/UAT)
  • Provided in pdf format (no special software) and maintains strict versioning control.
  • AGILE & Waterfall compatible

Sample User Story

As a Customer, I need to place an order so that I can have food delivered to my house.

Sample Acceptance Criteria (1)


  • Can I save my order and come back to it later?
  • Can I change my order before I pay for it?
  • Can I see a running total of the cost of what I have chosen so far?

Sample Acceptance Criteria (2)

Non-functional: availability:

  • Can I place an order at any time (24 hours per day or 24/7/365)?
  • Can I view the order at any time (24 hours per day or 24/7/365) up to and including delivery?

Non-functional: security:

  • Are unauthorised persons and other customers prevented from viewing my order?

Start Generating User Stories…

Choose a resume, fill the questionnaire with the correct details and click on generate. It takes between 12-20 hours for the form to be generated and emailed to you as a PDF document.